ESD Ermittlungs- und Sicherheitsdienst GmbH

Object Protection Service



This field of tasks is one of the most competitive in the industrial security,

- nowhere the price war is worse, rather than here,
- nowhere the dumping-salaries are lower, rather than here and 
- nowhere the client is cheated and deceived more, rather than here.

This trend we don´t like to follow!

We are having a high requirement on quality, performance and reliability on our security officers and keeping
in that way the interest of our clients in mind.

Anyway, this cannot be achieved with a salary close to the minimum salary, after deductions resulting to a
netto-salary equal to the bare minimum or a Hartz-IV social support, even when working fulltime - its more tending to be the opposite, which may be the case here. This cannot be in the interest of the client, in no case!

We are counting on well educated and motivated officers, who are paid accordingly to their responsibilities and
requirements they have have to meet - not on underpaid, unmotivated, uneducated and unvocated watch-coolies.

Therefore we cannot (and also don´t want) to be the cheapest security service providers!

Competency, motivation and reliability are the scales for quality - and this quality has simply its price... everywhere!!!

For that reason we won´t offer a Porsche for a price of a Lada to you!

If you want to follow us on that track and understand the reasons and causalities clearly, so please continue to read the lines below!

On the other hand we will not be angry, if you stop reading from here and leave upon that point.

The object protection service contains the security on

- Industrial facilities
- Office buildings
- Construction sites
- Exhibitions (etc.)


- Terrorism or violant attacks and other influences of intruders, troublemakers and other offenders. 
- Theft
- Sabotage
- Industrial espionage
- Vandalism

Also included is the security on private housing facilities of endangered managers of such corporations.

In the framework of such missions the supervision of general corporate security and order regulations, e.g.
regarding the posession of dangerous items or narcotics, the enforcement of safety- or fire prevention
regulations can be performed as well.
Forms of deployment are usually control posts, check points, foot- or vehicular patrols.
Aside the usual primary operative tasks, also additional non-operative tasks can be performed, e.g.
- Telephone services
- Mail services
- Goods receiving/sending department  

Upon request, we can also offer bi- or multilingual security officers.

Possible areas of deployment are the homeland or abroad.