ESD Ermittlungs- und Sicherheitsdienst GmbH

Event Security Services


With our well-trained security officers we can secure your events, specially those, where popular artists or
endangered persons are participating or being a part of it, against influence of intruders, troublemakers and
other offenders.
Whether a stockholder meeting, open-air-concert, street festival, day of open door - we are your competent
partner - in operative, as well in technical regard.

Possible deployments are for example:

- Inhouse protection (e.g. isolation of stage and/or backstage areas)

- Personal security checks regarding weapons and dangerous items, but narcotics or youth protection     regulations  as well.
- Outside protection (e.g. observation and securing of the periphery, traffic control, dog patrol K9, etc.)

- Special services (e.g. transfer for artists to/from hotel or airport)

Additionally we offer for your event the necessary radio- and communication equipment, in order to optimize
the processes among the participating parties (event management, technical services, rescue- and security

Please also look at

"Radio Communication for Security Organizations, Event Management, Hunting/Forestry/Park Rangers"